Coal Beneficiation

Revolutionize Coal beneficiation process with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology, for a greener future and smarter investments. Dry Coal Beneficiation technology is at the forefront of transforming the coal beneficiation process with the revolutionary power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, for a greener future and smarter investments.

Chemical-Free Ore Beneficiation

Our Intelligent Dry Ore Sorting Equipment offers a chemical-free solution for ore beneficiation.

Water Consumption

Our equipment offers a water-efficient solution for ore sorting, minimizing water usage and reducing the risk of water pollution associated with traditional beneficiation processes.

Low Energy

Our equipment consumes less than 200 kW of power, making it a highly efficient and sustainable solution compared to traditional beneficiation plants.

High Mineral Recovery Rate

Our Intelligent Dry Ore Sorting Equipment can achieve up to 98% recovery rate for minerals, optimizing natural resource efficiency and maximizing yield.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our equipment offers an eco-friendly solution for ore beneficiation, utilizing minimal electricity and water to reduce water pollution and carbon footprint.

Low Surface Area Requirements

Our equipment has a compact design and requires significantly less surface area compared to traditional beneficiation plants.

Intelligent ore sorting machines with power of AI & ML.

HPY Finlay offers advanced ore sorting/beneficiation plants for Coal Washery, Iron Ore Beneficiation, Lead-Zinc Beneficiation, and Manganese ore beneficiation. Our cutting-edge Dry Washing Equipment is suitable for both Metal and Non-Metal ores, providing efficient and effective solutions for a wide range of applications.

Intelligent ore sorting machines hpyfinlay

Our AI & ML-powered equipment achieves remarkable accuracy down to 5mm grain size.

Our equipment is backed by a cloud monitoring system to provide reliable troubleshooting support.

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At HPY Technology, sustainability and innovation are our driving forces, with customer satisfaction as our top priority.

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Service Process

At HPY Finlay, we understand that every company and mineral requires a unique approach to ore sorting. At HPY Finlay, we understand that every company and mineral, including those seeking Dry Coal Beneficiation technology, requires a unique approach to ore sorting. That's why we are committed to providing excellent service and bespoke projects tailored to your specific needs, resulting in more efficient and effective sorting solutions.


Once we receive your initial inquiry, we send an information sheet to collect project details. Our designers then conduct an initial project assessment and present the findings at a meeting. Samples are sent to our Ganzhou, China headquarters for laboratory testing, and full results are promptly shared. Based on the results, our team provides a customized solution to maximize economic and environmental benefits.

Installation Process

We offer convenient shipping options for our machines after purchase. Upon delivery, our engineers will install the equipment on-site and train on-site personnel on proper operation and maintenance. Our engineers also stay on-site for a pre-arranged time to ensure smooth operation and make any necessary adjustments.


Every purchase comes with a one-year warranty, and all machines are equipped with portable spare parts. Our team is available via the HPY Cloud for prompt issue resolution. If needed, our technicians will be dispatched to your site as soon as possible to resolve any issues.

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Transform your sorting process with award-winning machines featuring advanced vision technology

Transform your sorting process with award-winning machines featuring advanced vision technology, including Dry Coal Beneficiation technology. As of 2022, HPY has sold more than 400+ machines, making it the market leader in China with an 80% domestic market share.

Circle Series for 5 mm Ore Sorting & Dry Beneficiation plant
Circular Series

The Circle Series has a super large processing capacity: 300t/h, which is a 330% increase compared to traditional ore sorting machines. Designed for ultra-small spaces: the smallest machine covers only 14.8-32m2, reducing usage space by 70%. Processing gain size: +5-90mm

Classic XRT based Ore Sorting & Beneficiation equipment
Classic XRT Series

The Classic HPY XRT Series™ uses X-ray transmission imaging, AI algorithms, and high-speed air valves to sort ore by air jets into usable and waste rock. It's top-selling for stable operation and high accuracy, with many Chinese mining companies using it.

Golden Coal Series

The equipment uses X-ray dual-frequency detection technology to combine an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm and high-speed air jets to separate coal and gangue. The modular structure design dramatically reduces the overall size, making the equipment 30% smaller than similar equipment resulting in easier maintenance. The processing capacity can reach 220t/h by module expansion.

X-Ray & XRT based Dry Beneficiation equipment
Insight Series

Wenshu AlgorithmTM, the first artificial intelligence-based algorithm for sorting ore. Adaptive ore sorting models, online optimization algorithms, and real-time monitoring of mine grade changes are the results of this pioneering application of deep learning theory. Ore sorting model is adaptively adjusted to recognize different characteristics, such as complex ore size, texture, luster and thickness.

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