Circle Series
Dry Coal Beneficiation

The World's First Ring-shaped XRT Ore Sorting Machine. Small size | Large Capacity

HPY Finlay's Dry Coal Sorting: Unlocking Economic Benefits of $4.5 Million Annually

Experience substantial economic advantages with the HPY Finlay’s Circle Series Dry Coal Sorting, potentially saving you $4.5 million each year. Our advanced technology is meticulously designed to optimize equipment space and infrastructure, resulting in significant cost reductions for your investments. Tailored to the unique composition of your coal deposits, HPY Finlay provides the flexibility to choose between single-energy or dual-energy X-ray sensors, depending on the coal type.

The Circle Series showcases an impressive processing capacity of 300t/h, marking a remarkable 330% increase compared to conventional coal sorting machines. Crafted to excel in compact spaces, even our smallest machine requires just 14.8-32m², reducing space utilization by an impressive 70%. With the capability to process coal ranging from +5mm to +90mm, our system ensures both versatility and efficiency in your dry coal sorting operations.

HPY Finlay's Dry Coal Sorting: Powering Efficiency and Precision

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Robust Processing Capability and Extensive Particle Range

Swift Operation: Our advanced industrial control system responds in just one millisecond, processing a remarkable 10,000 pieces of coal per second.

Unrivaled Accuracy: Innovative Feeding: The vibrating feeding structure ensures even material distribution, offers a broader feeding transfer surface, and handles high-volume feeding seamlessly. 

Enhanced Imaging: Our custom aerial imaging system elevates imaging quality by 30% when compared to conventional coal sorting machines, achieving an impressive sorting accuracy of up to 99%. 

Smart Analysis with dry coal sorting: Leveraging machine learning and active learning techniques, our system continuously optimizes sorting while enhancing recognition and precision over time.

Precision Air Jet System

Intelligent Operations: The system synthesizes jet streams according to particle size.

Speed and Stability: Air jets react in less than 1.5 milliseconds, ensuring swift and consistent performance.

Pinpoint Accuracy: Single nozzles possess a mere 2mm diameter, enabling precise targeting of coal particles as small as 5mm.

Compact Design and User-Friendly Operation & Maintenance

Space-Saving: Our technology is 75% smaller than traditional coal sorting machines, reducing infrastructure costs and the expenses associated with plant expansion.

User-Friendly: Equipped with HPY Cloud, which leverages big data management, allowing for remote control and effortless maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

ModelWeight(t)Machine Power(kW)Particle Size(mm)Processing Capacity(t/h)Machine Size(mm) (L×W×H)
Nonmetallic MineralsCN15001315+5-2025-404640*3192*3150
Metallic MineralsCM15001315+5-2025-404640*3192*3150

Advanced A.I. Algorithm: Harnessing the Power of Deep Learning for Swift and Accurate Sorting

Introducing HPY Finlay’s pioneering A.I. solution for coal sorting – the Wenshu Algorithm™, the first of its kind in the world. This groundbreaking application of deep learning theory creates adaptive dry coal sorting models that offer real-time tracking of coal quality variations and dynamic online optimization algorithms. In intricate coal sorting settings, this algorithm nimbly adapts to diverse characteristics, including coal size, texture, luster, and thickness, ensuring precise identification.

Dry coal sorting with circular series
Dry coal sorting process flow

X-ray Imaging: Delving Deeper into Coal Quality

Our independent research and development have led to a high-capacity, high-speed single and dual-energy X-ray imaging system that penetrates the surface of the coal, extracting valuable information from within the coal deposits. With a remarkable 0.4mm detection accuracy, our X-ray imaging system ensures top-notch performance in coal sorting, enhancing your sorting processes.