Ore & Mineral Beneficiation: Cutting-Edge Beneficiation Technology

Dry Ore Beneficiation
At HPY Finlay we focus on Revolutionize your ore beneficiation process with X-Ray and AI technology, for a greener future and smarter investments

Elevating Ore and Mineral Beneficiation with Award-Winning Sorting Machines and Advanced Vision Technology

HPY Finlay has achieved market leadership in China with an 80% domestic market share, having sold over 400+ machines as of 2022.

Circle Series for 5 mm Ore Sorting & Dry Beneficiation plant
Circular Series

The Circle Series reduces equipment and infrastructure costs and offers single/dual-energy X-ray sensors based on the customer's ore. It has a 300t/h processing capacity (330% more than traditional machines), compact design (14.8-32m2), and can handle +5-90mm gain sizes.

Classic XRT based Ore Sorting & Beneficiation equipment
Classic XRT Series

The Classic HPY XRT Series™ uses X-ray transmission imaging technology, AI algorithms, and high-speed air valves to sort ore. AI algorithms analyze grayscale images to obtain ore information, which is then sorted by air jets. This machine is popular for its reliable operation and accurate sorting.

Dry Coal Washing Equipment, Dry Coal Beneficiations
Golden Coal Series

Our X-ray dual-frequency detection and AI-powered equipment separate coal and gangue with a modular design 30% smaller than similar equipment, and up to 220t/h processing capacity with module expansion. The equipment is explosion-proof, with customized imaging solutions that provide high sorting accuracy, replacing manual sorting and other processes while saving space, labor, and capital investment.

X-Ray & XRT based Dry Beneficiation equipment
Insight Series

The Insight Series uses AI to sort ore, with adaptive models and real-time monitoring. Customized imaging solutions analyze both the inside and outside of the ore, while AI algorithms improve accuracy. The machine has a simple, low-maintenance design and adjustable feeding widths (1600/3200mm). It also has a smaller carbon footprint.

Our Benefits

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Cloud Monitoring

Experience hassle-free operation with HPY Finlay's cloud monitoring system for Mineral/Ore Beneficiation equipment. Our experts monitor your data and provide real-time suggestions to optimize efficiency, ensuring seamless operations and maximized results.

98% Accuracy

Our Ore Beneficiation equipment, powered by cloud computing, offers 24/7 data tracking and instant support for error resolution, allowing you to maximize uptime and minimize downtime for enhanced productivity.

Power of AI & ML

Our Ore Beneficiation equipment's AI and ML capabilities enable 98% accuracy and increased efficiency through adaptive ore sorting models and real-time monitoring, ensuring you achieve maximum productivity and cost savings.

7 Years of Experience

With over 7 years of experience, we have supplied more than 400+ ore beneficiation equipment and 200+ ore beneficiation plants, establishing ourselves as trusted leaders in the industry.


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